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Make Bank Writing Online: 99 Travel Publications That Pay Up to $4,000 in 2023

Writer making money online

Unleash The Nomad Millionaire Writer Within You

Listen up, future millionaire nomads. The world is your oyster, but only if you have the guts to crack it open.

Forget the old-school way of slaving away for peanuts as a freelance travel writer for some print magazine. It's the digital era, and it's time to seize the boundless opportunities it presents.

You want to gallivant around the globe and get fat checks doing it? Simple. Get paid to write online.

The internet is a gold mine for those with the audacity to dive in and dig for gold.

Now, don’t be a fool rushing in blindly. Sharpen your sword before you step into battle.

Once you’re armed with the right skills, the world of online writing is yours to conquer. I kicked off my journey scribbling for travel platforms like WorldNomads and Travel Pulse.

Fast forward to now, I’ve got my name shining on big-league sites like Business Insider, WiseBread, and Forbes.

And guess what? I rake in over $3,000 a month from this gig alone. It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle dripping with freedom and filled with the allure of exotic coasts.

The gatekeepers of the online publishing realm are not hunting for some dusty journalism degree or a resume longer than a Tolstoy novel.

They crave real adventurers with tales that ensnare the imagination of the masses. And they're ready to throw cash your way for it.

I’m about to drop a gold nugget on you. I’ve compiled a list of 99 – yes, you read that right, ninety-nine – stellar online platforms and magazines hungry for your captivating travel stories.

This isn’t just a list; it’s your ticket to living the dream while stacking up your bank account.

This directory is fresh out of the oven, split into two: Websites and Magazines. Dive in, pitch your heart out, and start living the jet-set writer’s life you’ve been dreaming of.

Your future millionaire self will thank you.

Cash In On Your Words: Your Keyboard, Your Empire

Let’s cut through the fluff. You want to make bank from the comfort of your home or while sipping a cocktail on a Bali beach? Dive into the boundless ocean of online writing. This is where I carved my kingdom, and now it’s your turn.

I’ve danced with words across various fields - finance, tech, lifestyle, but it’s the travel domain where I struck gold.

The digital realm is a treasure trove, with countless travel websites and blogs starving for fresh, enthralling content.

They’re ready to throw cash at you for your tales from the road. Skeptical? Cruise through my post on fueling your wanderlust through freelance writing, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Monetize Your Wanderlust: Write, Submit, Cash In

Picture this: You and your bros nestled in a lush Bali villa, clacking away at your keyboards, with each word you type adding more coins to your treasure chest.

That’s the life of an online wordsmith. The world is brimming with online and print magazines, each with its own realm of readers hungry for engaging stories.

I’ve sifted through this vast landscape and carved out a niche where your words will most likely see the light of day – online platforms.

This section is your gateway to online publishing glory. The path is clear, the gates are open, now march in and claim your throne.

Your words are your currency. It’s time to make them pay.

Forge Your Digital Goldmine: Write Your Way to Wealth

Alright, hustlers, let’s dive straight into the goldmine. The world is your playground, and these platforms are your treasure chests waiting to be unlocked.

Your words are the key. Let’s break it down:

Pay: $75 - $150 for a 1,250 - 3,000 per article.

This was our stepping stone into the empire of online earnings. It’s all about guiding folks on transitioning to a new homeland. The captain of this ship, Greg, is a seasoned voyager. Pitching to him? Bring your A-game. Show him a slice of unique and invaluable insight you’re bringing to the table.

Update 2023: Hold your horses! As of 2022, Transitions Abroad has hit the pause button on submissions while they jazz up their website. Keep an eye out for when they roll out the red carpet for your pitches again.

Pay: $0.50 a word, raking in around $600 - $700 for a stellar article.

They’re in the travel insurance biz, but they’ve been crafting some solid guides and beefing up their blog. The competition is fierce, so your pitch needs to be fiercer. The pay is a sweet deal, and they’ll throw in some extra dough for your travel snaps. If you’re looking to cash in on your writing prowess, this is a solid bet.

Pay: $25 for an 800-2000 article.

This is one of the OG travel blogs. The editor is swamped, so your pitch better shine bright like a diamond. If you’re eyeing a backlink to your blog, you might have to forfeit the pay for the article. It’s a trade-off. Choose wisely.

Pay: $10 for a 350-500 per article.

Sure, the pay sounds like peanuts, but think of it as your training ground. This platform craves tales of wanderlust and personal odysseys. It’s your chance to step into the freelance arena and taste the thrill of earning from your escapades.

Pay: $50 per article.

They’re on the hunt for scribes to narrate the tales of Nature’s marvels, adventures, indigenous arts, and the whispers of the desert. The pay isn’t a king’s ransom, but with no word cap, it’s a fair battleground to sharpen your blade.

Pay: $50 per article.

This behemoth of travel lore is not just a platform, it’s a launchpad. The backlink to your blog is a treasure, and they toss in some gold for your tales. Study their champions, the posts that have stormed the gates, then forge your pitch with a unique essence and lay siege.

Pay: $200 - $300 per article.

This is where literary artisans are crowned. They seek narratives that transcend the mundane, that delve into the heart and soul of lands afar. They despise the click-bait drivel and yearn for tales that inspire and enlighten. This is your stage to not just earn, but to etch your name in the annals of travel lore.

Pay: $50 per article.

This titan of travel is your stage to shine and rake in some cash while at it. They crave sagas of solo ventures, tips on thrifty voyages, and packing wisdom. Check their guidelines, tailor your pitch, and get ready to make a name in the vast expanse of travel lore.

Update 2023: Hold your horses! They’ve paused on submissions for now, but keep an eagle eye out for when they reopen the gates to your narratives.

Pay: $50 - $500 per article.

This is the haven for culinary explorers. They pay top dollar for guides to the gastronomic treasures unique to different corners of the globe. If you’ve trodden paths they haven’t, pitch them a guide and watch your bank balance soar.

Update 2023: They’ve hit the brakes on freelance feasts for now, but keep checking back. Your culinary chronicle might just be the next big hit.

Pay: $25 per article (700 – 2,000 words).

They seek the souls who traverse the globe with open eyes and a heart full of stories. If your journey is inked with the essence of cultures and the rhythm of uncharted paths, pitch them your tale. It’s not a goldmine, but it’s a solid stone to build your empire.

Girls Getaway

Pay: $25 per article (500 – 1,500 words).

This is the realm of feminine adventures. They seek tales that resonate with the spirit of sisterhood and the joy of ladies letting loose. Your narrative should be more than just a travel log; it should echo the laughter and camaraderie of a girls’ getaway.

Pay: $12 per article.

This is the arena for the fearless female wanderers. They crave tales of adventure, exploration, and the essence of the feminine spirit. Whether it’s a short story, a grand feature, or a listicle, make sure it resonates with the young warrior women out there.

Update 2023: Seems like they’ve closed the gates for freelance gladiators for now. No guidelines, no contact page. But keep an eye out, the arena might reopen.

Pay: $0.50 per word, maxing out at $500 per article.

This is the Colosseum of travel lore. Having your name etched here is akin to a warrior’s name sung in legends. Pitch them a tale that’s as vast and wild as the earth we tread. And remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, but here, it’s worth a lot more.

Update 2023: The gates seem closed for unsolicited tales as of now. But keep a vigilant eye on their careers page, your chance to enter the Colosseum might just arise.

Pay: $1,000 per article (Competition).

This is a battlefield, not a platform. Only the mightiest of tales will claim the golden prize. It’s a fierce competition, but the spoils are grand. Sharpen your narrative sword, and step into the arena.

Pay: $150 per article (500 – 1000 words).

This realm seeks tales that resonate with the heartbeats of the African-American wanderers and other minority explorers. They crave lively, fresh, and well-crafted narratives that transport the reader to uncharted territories, all while dishing out useful intel on the travel cosmos.

Update 2023: The guidelines have vanished into thin air, but fret not. Reach out through their contact form, and you might just find a way into this vibrant realm.

Pay: $450 - $800 per article (500 – 1,000 words).

Before you storm the gates of Afar, scout their terrain at They seek to fuel the wanderlust in souls, guiding them to bond with the locals, embrace the culture, and see the world through the eyes of those dwelling in far-off lands.

Update 2023: Afar has shifted its sails, now recruiting Ambassadors over writers. Fancy a shot at it? Hit the button below.

Pay: $1 per word, capping at a grand per article.

This fortress already boasts a legion of in-house scribes, so if you aim to breach their walls, your pitch better be a spear of uniqueness. A notch from Travel & Leisure on your belt not only glorifies your resume but also fills your coffers with a grand per tale.

Pay: $0 - $100 per article.

This online haven caters to the high-end, luxury wanderers, with a focus on automotive elegance, opulent stays, and personal safety. Your tales should whisk the readers away to lavish resorts, serene spas, and gourmet heavens, all while ensuring a safe voyage.

Update 2023: Their portal seems to have hit a storm, with the website down. Keep an eye out for when the tides turn and the site resurfaces.

Pay: $50 - $150 per article.

With a mantra that knowledge enriches travel, Roads & Kingdoms is your stage to narrate the symphony of life—food, tunes, and the elixir of joy. They were crowned with the 2017 James Beard Publication of the Year, a testament to their grandeur.

Update 2023: They’ve reined in on the pitches, but a captivating idea might just pry open the gates. Send in your pitch, let your narrative prowess do the talking.

Pay: $100 - $300 AUD per article (1,000+ words).

This behemoth of a site craves the extraordinary, the tales that veer off the beaten path of the typical Aussie holiday. Your narrative here not only fetches you a handsome sum but a backlink that’s a beacon of traffic to your realm.

2023: The gates are currently closed for freelance submissions, but they do entertain unpaid story ideas. Keep an eye out, the tides may turn.

Pay: $0 per article.

Yes, the coffers stay shut here, but a backlink from this titan is a treasure trove of traffic, potentially worth a grand or more. They have a vast audience, and breaking through isn’t a Herculean task.

Pay: $0.20 per word (circling $200 per article).

A name that resonates in every household, AOL is your stage to enthrall a global audience. They seek the enthralling, the exciting, the tales that beckon the wanderlust in souls. A feature here is a feather in your cap, and a step closer to the throne of the digital domain.

Pay: $100 per article.

A burgeoning empire in the travel cosmos, Culture Trip is on a relentless hunt for content. Though the pay per word is modest, the volume of tales they seek could fill your coffers month after month. Adhere to their rhythm, submit your tales, and watch as your narrative empire expands.

Pay: $0.50 - $1.00 per word (Up to $1,000 per article).

This domain is the haven for the smart wanderer, offering the keys to unlock the world's hidden gems on a budget. Your mission: unveil the unseen, make the pricey accessible, and guide the savvy traveler on a journey of fiscal and physical discovery.

Pay: $50 per article (700 – 1,000 words).

Dive into the divine realm of wine. Your tales of the perfect pairings, the finest racks, and the sanctuaries of wine storage are the keys to unlocking a treasure trove of liquid gold. Guide the connoisseurs to the elixirs that tantalize the senses and keep the wine flowing.

Pay: $0.20 - $1.00 per word (Up to $1,000 per article).

The behemoth of travel lore, BBC Travel seeks the pathfinders. Your quest is to unveil the unseen, to shatter the cliches and to take the reader on a journey of discovery. It's a realm where only the finest narratives reign. So, if your tale can stand the test, the rewards are grand.

The Expeditioner

Pay: $30 per article.

This was the realm for the true explorers, where tales of personal voyages reign supreme. Your mission was to inspire the American wanderer to embark on a journey of discovery.

Update 2023: The Expeditioner has sailed into the digital sunset. The site is now offline.

Pay: $40 - $60 per article (1,600 Words+)

Here's a platform that welcomes scribes from every corner of the travel realm. Though the gold per tale isn’t grand, the doors are open wide. Craft a compelling narrative, engage well with the gatekeepers, and you might just find a recurring spot on their roster. They seek vivid yet succinct tales that ignite the wanderlust in readers.

Pay: $50 per article (1,500 Words Max)

This domain is for the creative nomads. They seek tales of road-bound adventures, unique cultural tapestries, and the joy of exploration, with a keen eye for rented campervans and motorhomes narratives. Though the pay isn't a treasure, it's a solid ground to plant the seeds of your digital narrative empire.

Pay: 50 - 100 GBP ($75 - $150 per holiday article)

Based in the UK, this platform is in search of tales that unravel the joy of holidays for the Brits. Before you unsheathe your pen, delve into their digital pages to grasp the essence of their narrative style. They favor tales spun between 800 - 1,500 words, a playground vast enough for your words to dance.

Pay: 50 - 100 GBP ($75 - $150 per romantic saga)

The twin realm to 101 Holidays, this platform seeks to narrate the romantic voyages of honeymooners. The narrative essence remains akin to its sibling, with a romantic hue painting the tales. Here too, the word count is a broad canvas, awaiting the strokes of your narrative brilliance.

Pay: $800/month (20+ hours per week or 8-10 articles/month)

Here’s a realm where your narrative prowess can earn you a steady stream of gold. DotDash Merideth, with its rich travel domain, seeks tales of wanderlust, how-to guides, and insightful tutorials. With a commitment to forge 8-10 articles a month, you're looking at a flat salary of $800 to $1000. In the quest for a full-time freelance fortune, this domain could be your stronghold.

Big Grey Horse

Pay: $100 - $200 per article.

Venture into the heart of Texas with Big Grey Horse, a media marketing titan seeking scribes to chronicle the Lone Star State’s allure. Be it a review of a rustic inn, a lively event, or the hidden gems off the beaten path, your tales could earn you a handsome reward.

[Update 2023: The steed seems to have galloped into the digital sunset, with Big Grey Horse's domain now offline.]

Pay: $50 - $200 per article.

Though not a travel realm, Cracked welcomes the wanderer with a tale that tickles the ribs. If your journey has a humorous heart, and your narrative can draw a chuckle, this domain could be your stage. The pay is fair, the boundaries are few, making Cracked a jovial junction in your freelance voyage.

Pay: Negotiable with the editor, starting at $50 per article.

Expatica is the haven for the expats, the wanderers far from home. They seek tales of living abroad, the challenges, the triumphs, and the essence of dwelling in a foreign realm. If you’ve danced to the rhythm of a land far from home, and can narrate the tune, Expatica could be your next stop.

Pay: $50 - $200 per article.

This domain isn't for the faint-hearted wanderer narrating mere travel tales. It's a realm for the warriors keen on monetizing their journeys, those mastering the art of earning while exploring. Whether you're a scribe, a shutterbug, or a videographer, if you've got the blueprint to financial freedom on the road, this is your arena.

[Update 2023: The gates to Great Escape Publishing have shifted. Venture to International Living, the new kingdom for your tales.]

Pay: $75 for a “Postcard Piece” or $250 - $400 for an 800 - 1,400 warticle.

Here lies a grand stage for the savvy traveler. Your tales of financial conquest and global living could earn you a treasure. A “Postcard Piece” fetches you $75, while a detailed saga can fill your coffers with up to $400. It's a competitive realm, but the spoils are worth the battle.

Pay: $100 per list (1,500+ words)

In the kingdom of Listverse, the list is the sword that cuts through the noise. If you can wield it with wit, especially in the travel domain, a bounty of $100 awaits. Study the lists that have conquered before, sharpen your blade, and charge into the fray.

Pay: $20 - $150 per article.

Loaded Landscapes is the realm where your lens is as mighty as your pen. Capture the wild, the beautiful, and the unexplored, and narrate the tale. Whether it's a tutorial, a guide, or a tale of inspiration, your vision could earn you up to $150. And if you can conquer the video frontier, your glory could be boundless.

Pay: $30 per article.

This domain seeks the seasoned, the wise, the born between 1946 and 1964, yet doesn't shackle the young and the restless. It's a realm for the relentless, those with tales that resonate with the gallant hearts of baby boomers. Your narrative, rich with personal touch and insightful trails, is your sword. Wield it, and claim your $30 bounty.

Pay: $100 per article.

Led by the veteran voyager, Tim Leffel, Perceptive Travel is not your average realm. It's a domain for the discerning, the insightful, the ones who see beyond the mundane. Your well-crafted tales, free from the cliché shackles, are your currency here. Accompany them with six visuals, and Tim, with a light touch, will guide you to your $100 treasure.

Pay: $25 per article (800 – 1,500 words)

Here, the quest is for the authentic, the real tales of European escapades. No room for the cold, the impersonal. Your narrative, rich with the essence of places, the rhythm of experiences, is your ticket to the $25 treasure. Dare to be creative, send a pitch that resonates, and the gates of Travelsignposts will swing open.

Pay: $100 – 150 per article (1,000 – 2,000 words)

Though the gates seem closed, the vigilant might find a way. Viator, a realm once welcoming of wandering wordsmiths, seems to have shuttered its submissions. Yet, the determined could find a way through the Facebook portal. Reach out, present your saga, and you might just find yourself in with a chance to claim the $100 to $150 bounty.

Pay: $75 per article (700-900 words)

In the realm of budget conquests and point mastery, The Penny Hoarder stands as a coliseum for the frugal warriors. They seek tales of valor where the shrewd emerge victorious, achieving grandeur without a king's ransom. Though the gold offered isn't a king's bounty, the renown you gain from this domain is a sword that cuts through obscurity, especially if your saga intertwines with the art of point mastery or frugal conquests.

Pay: $50 – $200 per article (700-900 words)

A kin to the Great Escape, this domain is a haven for the nomadic scribes and lens bearers. They seek chronicles of earning one's keep amidst wanderlust, tales of thriving in the boundless wilderness. Interviews with the seasoned and the victorious are gold here. If your heart beats to the rhythm of adventure and your craft yields gold, this domain is your arena.

Pay: $50 – $100 per article (700-900 words)

A pulse that echoes through the realms of wanderers, Travel Pulse is the herald of new tides and unseen horizons. They seek the voices of the seasoned, the tales of the bold. Your narrative, a blend of insight and adventure, is your ticket to this court. Secure a steady stream of commissions, and let the gold and glory follow.

Pay: $100 – $500 per article (500 – 5,000 words)

In the vast expanse of the digital, Smarter Travel is a beacon for the clever and the curious. They seek the shrewd, the insightful, the tales that guide the masses through the labyrinth of travel. Whether it's the unseen trails or the shores that beckon the world, your words are the map. Unveil the secrets of seamless voyages, the hacks that unlock realms, and let the gold pour in.

Pay: $35 per article (900+ words) + Shot at $100

Glory Journey Woman is the realm where valiant female wanderers recount their tales. Though the gold isn't grand, the glory could be. Each month, one tale rises above the rest, seizing an extra $100 bounty. Your narrative, through the lens of a fearless female, could be the beacon for others.

Pay: $50 per article (750 – 2,500 words)

Wanderful seeks the voices of the daring, the tales that stir the souls of their kin. It's a domain where the essence of womanhood meets the call of the wild. Your journey, your insights could be the torch that lights the way for the sisterhood.

Pay: $100 – $1,250 per article (200 – 12,000 words)

In the wild terrains of Gary’s Sporting Journal, the hunters and anglers are the lords and legends. Your tale of the wild, the chase, the catch, could earn you a seat in this hall of valor. With gold ranging from $850 to $1,250 for your sagas, and up to $250 for the eye of the beholder, this is where your wild heart finds its mark.

Pay: $75 – $125 per article (300 – 1,000 words)

Outdoors NW is the gateway to the untouched, the uncharted. They seek the tales of the brave, the humor of the trails, the wisdom of the wild. Your narrative could be the spark that sets the world ablaze. And with up to $250 gold for the eye that captures the unseen, this is where your legend takes root.

Pay: $0.30 – $0.50 per word (Up to $750 per 900 – 1,500 article)

The ACA is your arena to showcase the essence of cycling adventures. With both digital and print domains, your tales of pedal-powered conquests have a realm to thrive. Seize the opportunity each month until October to etch your journey in print. Your narrative of the wild trails and the humor of the ride could be the beacon for the cycling brethren.

Pay: $0.50 per word ($60 – $150 per 600 – 1,500 article)

Dive into the heart of wellness, ecology, and personal growth with Common Ground. This is your stage to enlighten the masses of Western Canada with your wisdom. Your narrative, refined and finalized, will earn its worth in gold. This is where your insight melds with the essence of the wild north.

Pay: $50 per article.

Canadian Traveller is your gateway to unveil the splendors of Canada and beyond to the keen wanderers. Your well-crafted tales and insights could be the compass for the Canadian souls yearning for the unknown. This domain values the Canadian essence in every narrative, making it a stronghold for your northern adventures.

Pay: $75 per article.

Literary Traveller is the confluence of art, adventure, and the unknown. Your narratives, inspired by the muses of art and literature, could be the torchlight in the realm of the imaginative wanderer. This is where your eloquence and the spirit of adventure break the mundane, unveiling the extraordinary.

The Big Roundtable

Pay: $100+ per article (3,500 – 30,000 words)

The Big Roundtable is your arena to unleash epic tales of nonfiction. This domain thrives on the essence of real stories, connecting avid writers with a realm of readers hungry for authenticity. Your narrative, a saga stretching from 3,500 to a monumental 30,000 words, has the potential to echo through the digital wilderness.

Although the gates of The Big Roundtable are temporarily closed, the legend of your words awaits the right moment to storm the digital realm.

Pay: $0.14 – $0.29 per word (Up to $1,000 per article)

Vice is not for the faint of heart. It's the realm where the audacious thrive, where narratives that resonate with the pulse of the younger generation reign. Your edgy tale has the potential to captivate minds and stir the spirits of a global audience. The path to Vice is not without its trials, but the glory of having your narrative etched in its domain is a prize worth the endeavor.

Pay: $100 per article (1,500 – 3,000 words) + Potential $200 Bonus

The voyage of parenthood is an adventure like no other. A Fine Parent is your stage to share the tales of family, the essence of travel with your kin, and the wisdom garnered along the way. Although the gates are currently closed, the opportunity to share your narrative is a horizon worth watching. Your tale could not only enlighten but also earn its worth in gold with a potential bonus awaiting its resonance with the hearts of readers.

Pay: $100+ per article.

Fodor’s is a titan in the realm of travel. With a domain vast and rich, your narrative has the potential to reach the hearts of wanderers across the globe. They seek the unique, the informative, the tales that inspire the spirit of adventure. Your words, backed by the might of Fodor’s, could be the guiding light for souls yearning for the essence of the unknown.

Pay: $100+ per article .

Lifehacker is not just a website, it's a kingdom of pragmatic knowledge, a domain where your intellect can forge the keys to a life of mastery. They seek the architects of simplicity, the craftsmen of efficiency. Your words have the power to equip the masses with tools to transcend the mundane, to seize control of their destiny. Though not a realm of travel, the savvy traveler's wisdom is a treasure coveted here. Seize the initiative, reach out to the gatekeepers, and lay down the law of ease and brilliance.

Pay: $0.10 per word

The Dollar Stretcher is the realm of fiscal warriors, where every cent is a soldier in the army of financial freedom. Though the gates are currently closed for paid submissions, the legacy of stretching the dollar, especially on the uncharted paths of travel, is a tale worth telling. Your narrative could be the blueprint for adventurers seeking to conquer the financial wilds and emerge victorious.

Cultures & Cuisines

Pay: $200 per article (800 – 3,000 words)

Cultures & Cuisines was a realm where the bold narratives of the worldly explorer were etched into the digital stone.

Though the kingdom now lies dormant, the spirit of adventure, the essence of uncharted cultures and untasted cuisines shall forever echo through the annals of digital lore.

Pay: $40 AUD per article.

Travelista is the Australian haven for the wanderer’s tales. Though the gold may not flow as freely, the realm still thirsts for the essence of uncharted lands, narrated by the souls who've tread those paths. Your narrative, laden with the secrets of the lands, could be the guiding star for those who seek to traverse the unknown. The treasure may be a humble link back to your domain, yet the glory of your name etched on the Travelista scrolls is a prize unto itself.

Vagabundo Magazine

Pay: $40 – $200 per article.

Vagabundo Magazine was a digital fortress for the wanderlust-driven souls, a realm where your tales of the uncharted could fuel the fire in the hearts of others. They once sought the relentless, the daring scribes ready to capture the essence of adventure. Though the gates of Vagabundo now remain closed, the spirit of boundless exploration it championed shall echo through the digital wilderness.

[Update 2023: Vagabundo Magazine is currently offline.]

Pay: $50+ per article. is a domain where the elegance of travel meets the pen. They seek the original, the unseen narratives under the sun, be it a tale of exotic lands, a guide to uncharted territories, or a lens that unveils the essence of the world. Your words have the power to grace the pages of LadyQs, to inspire, to command a bounty for every tale spun.

Pay: $25 – $100 per article (600 – 800 words)

The Culturist is a realm of diverse intellects, a confluence of cultures, ideas, and narratives. They once sought the tales of the globe-trotters, the insights of the enlightened, the voices that resonate with the essence of the world. Though the path to The Culturist's gates now lies obscured, the essence of cultural exploration it embodied continues to inspire the digital realm.

[Update 2023: Their submission page is offline, so query the Culturist through their contact page.]


Pay: $50+ per article (1000+ words)

Nomadasaurus, a domain ruled by the seasoned voyagers Jazza and Alesha, once opened its gates for the narratives that breathe the spirit of the wild, the essence of unexplored realms. Though the gates are momentarily closed, the spirit of Nomadasaurus, the quest for the unseen, the unheard tales of the globe, continues to inspire the digital explorers.

[Update 2023: Nomadasaurus isn’t currently hiring.]

Art of Scuba Diving

Pay: $35 for 800 words, $100 for 2000+ words

Dive into the depths with Justin Carmack at the helm of Art of Scuba Diving. This domain was once a gateway for the audacious, the aqua-adventurers ready to narrate the mysteries of the deep. Pitch your tales of the abyss, or steer the narrative of the extensive travel guides. Though the currents have shifted and the portal is on a hiatus, the essence of aquatic exploration it fostered remains unyielding.

[Update 2023: Art of Scuba Diving isn’t currently hiring.]

Get Paid to Write Online (Magazines)

In the realm of ink and paper, your words carry a weight of gold. The magazines, a bridge between the old world and the new, offer a bounty for your narratives.

The stakes are higher, the rewards are grander. The editors, your allies or adversaries on this quest, seek the refined, the profound.

Each submission, a duel with the mundane, a chance to etch your legacy on both the digital and the tangible.

Venture forth, let your words be your blade, claim the glory that awaits in the boundless expanse of pages and pixels.

Alaska Airlines Magazine

Pay: $700 per article (Max 2,500 words)

Dive into the elite realm of Alaska Airlines Magazine, a domain once revered for its tales of unique travel destinations, eminent community leaders, and the pulse of business innovation. Though the skies have temporarily closed with the magazine ceasing publication, the essence of adventure it embodied remains a beacon for the audacious.

[Update 2023: Alaska Airlines Magazine has ceased publication.]

Pay: $700 per article (5,000 words)

Stride into the wild with Backpacker Magazine, a haven for the wanderers, the trailblazers forging paths through uncharted terrains. Your tales of human-powered voyages, whether on foot or by paddle, are the currency here. Familiarize with their ethos, embody the spirit of the wanderer, and your narrative might just find a home amidst the revered pages of Backpacker.

Pay: $750 per article (400 – 1,750 words)

The LA Times, a fortress of intellect, a realm where only the finest narratives find a throne. The journey is arduous, with editors guarding the gates, yet the spoils are grand. A place where your words, accompanied by visual allure, can echo through time, earning you both gold and glory.

[Update 2023: The guidelines page is offline, direct your pitches to the editors via email.]

Pay: $400 - $900 per article.

The open road, a life untethered, RV Magazine is the chronicle of the nomads. Your expertise in the van life, the rhythm of the road, and the heart of motorhomes is your ticket to this exclusive club. Here, your knowledge transforms into gold, your adventures fuel the dreams of the free-spirited.

Pay: $100 - $650 per article.

The rugged beauty of the Oregon Coast, a land of endless tales, awaits your narrative. Oregon Coast Magazine is your canvas, paint your adventures, share the secrets of the road, the whispers of the waves, and the tales of the ancient stones. Your words are the keys to the treasure, unlock it and claim your bounty.

Pay: $100 - $700 per article.

Trailer Life, the monthly chronicle for the modern nomad, once stood as the beacon for RV enthusiasts, guiding them through the veins of the wild. Now absorbed by RV Magazine, its legacy fuels the dreams of the wanderers.

[Update 2023: Trailer Life now sails under the flag of RV Magazine.]

Pay: $200 per article.

Rova isn't just a magazine, it's a call to the wild, a challenge to the millennials and gen X to break the chains and hit the road. Your tales of adventure on the American roads are the fire that'll ignite the spirit of freedom in the young blood. Seize the wheel, dominate the highways, and let your stories be the legend of Rova.

Pay: $150 per article.

Escapee is the realm where the heartbeats of the road warriors resonate. It's not just about the RVs, it's about the spirit of the open road. Your expertise, your tales from the iconic Route 66, are the essence that fuels Escapee. Whether a member or a lone wolf, your words have a home here.

Pay: $150+ per article (500 – 1,400 Words)

The roar of engines, the rhythm of the journey, Adventure Motorcycle is the saga of the steel steeds and their riders. Your technical insights, your road trip chronicles are the gears that drive this machine. Secure a column, and let the world ride along with your words every month.

Pay: $0.10 per Word Including Photos (2,000 – 2,500 Words)

Verge is not just a magazine, it's a movement. It's about traveling with a mission, a purpose. It's about those who don't just cross borders, but also break boundaries. Your journey, your insights into sustainable and volunteer travel are the seeds that'll grow into a legacy. Travel, write, and let your words fund your quest.

Pay: $400 per article (800 words)

Dive into the heart of the ocean, narrate the tales of the sea, and let the world sail with your words. Porthole Cruise is your stage, the world of cruising is your domain. They crave real stories, real encounters. Bring the characters you meet to life, let their words sail through your narrative. Forget the cliches, dive deep into the essence of cruising, and claim your $400 treasure.

Pay: $1 CAD per Word (200 – 1,700 Words)

Soar above the clouds, explore the destinations where the wings of Air Canada reach. Enroute is your sky, your canvas. They seek tales that fit in a page yet leave a lasting imprint. Your words have 30 days to echo through their halls. Seize this chance, let every word add a dollar to your vault.

Horizon Edition

Pay: $100 – $450 per article (200 – 2,500 Words)

Once the voice of the skies for Horizon Air, Horizon Edition was the realm for the vivid, the real, the captivating. Your pitch was your key, your past works your credentials. But as skies often change, Horizon Edition has bid its farewell.

Delta Sky Magazine

Pay: $1.00 per Word (200 – 2,000 words)

Delta Sky was the gateway to the stars, the profiles of the notable, the destinations of dreams. Your fresh take on profiles, your insight into destinations was the gold they sought. But as all skies do, Delta Sky has seen its sunset.

[Update 2023: Delta Sky Magazine has cosed.]

Pay: $1 – $1.50 per Word ($2,000 – $4,000)

Sierra is not just a magazine, it's a crusade for the wild, the untouched, the pristine. Represent the oldest guardians of nature, the Sierra Club, with your words. Venture into the wild, capture the essence of nature, the thrill of adventure. Your well-researched, inspiring tales are the arrows in Sierra's quiver. With up to $4,000 at stake, this is not just a chance to write, it's a chance to echo through the wilderness.

Pay: $0.24 / word

Venture into the wild, unravel the tales of the backcountry. This is your stage to narrate the untamed, the unseen. Backcountry Magazine craves the real, the raw, the daring. Pitch them the unheard stories of the wild, the profiles of those who dare to venture, and the chronicles of your own daring exploits. Your lens can also capture the wild and earn you up to $400. This is not just about writing, it's about living the adventure.

Pay: $0.15 / article (around 2,500 words)

Nebraskaland is the essence of Nebraska's wild spirit. Run by the guardians of the state’s natural beauty, this magazine is your chance to showcase the vibrant wildlife, the diverse culture, and the adventurous life of Nebraska. Your tales of the river, the trails, and the camps are the voices of the wild waiting to be heard.

Pay: $0.20 / word (300 – 2,000 words)

The rhythm of paddles against calm waters, the silent trails of rivers, Canoeroots was the realm of those who speak the language of canoes. Though the river has taken a new turn, the spirit of canoeing finds its course through Northern Ontario Travel.

[Update 2023: Canoeroots sails under a new banner, Northern Ontario Travel.]

Pay: $50 – $1,000 / article (300 – 3,500 words)

Seattle, the city of endless narratives, awaits your tale. Seattlemag is your canvas to paint the stories of the city, the whispers of its streets, the rhythm of its pulse. Dive into the magazine, feel its essence, and come out with stories that resonate with the heart of Seattle.

Pay: $0.60 CAD / word

Beyond the screen, Westworld is the chronicle of the real, the wild, the untouched of Western Canada. It's not just a magazine, it's a journey through the trails, the waters, and the skies of Canada. Your words are the vehicle, your experiences the fuel. Drive through the technical, the practical, and the unseen. Let the world see Western Canada through your eyes.

Pay: $50 – $325 / article (800 – 2,000 words)

Abilities isn't just a magazine, it's a call to action. It's about breaking barriers and defining your own narrative. If you have a disability or know someone who does, this is your platform to voice the unvoiced. Cover the spectrum from travel to technology, and make a tangible impact. This isn't just about writing, it's about making waves in the realms of health, sport, and beyond.

Pay: $0.30 / word

Indulge in the world of gourmet, delve into the realms of cheese. Cheese Connoisseur is not just a magazine, it's a journey through the finest tastes and the stories behind them. This is your chance to narrate the tales of celebrity cheesemakers, the perfect pairings of wine and cheese, and the travel that binds them all. Your words will not just narrate, they'll resonate with the connoisseurs.

Pay: $0.80 / word

Craft the tales of craft beers with Draft. Traverse the trails of the United States, sip the essence of different breweries, and ink the experience. This is not just about tasting beers, it's about narrating the culture, the tradition, and the people behind the brews. Your stories will make you the toast of the town.

[Update 2023: Await the resurgence of Draft Mag’s submissions, your pint of opportunity is being refilled.]

Pay: $0.10 / word (600 – 2,000 words)

Baja Life is the chronicle of Mexico's magnificent peninsula. It's about capturing the essence of Baja, from its pristine nature to its eco-friendly escapades. Your words will be the voyage that takes readers through the unique ecosystem, the hidden trails, and the serene accommodations of Baja. This is your chance to be the voice of Mexico's untouched beauty.

Pay: $0.35 – $0.40 / word

New Mexico Magazine is your canvas to paint the vibrant culture, the lush landscapes, and the unique experiences of New Mexico. Whether it's the call of the wild or the allure of the culture, your words will inspire the journey. This is not just about New Mexico, it's about igniting the spark of adventure and the love for the unexplored.


Pay: $0.80 AUD / word (Max 1,500 words)

Elsewhere isn't just a magazine, it's a ticket to the heart of Australia and beyond. It's about capturing the essence of journeys, the allure of destinations, and the taste of different cultures. Whether it's the serene cruises, the hidden hotels, or the untold stories of travelers, your words will be the voyage that takes readers through the uncharted.

[Update 2023: Elsewhere has closed].

Pay: $325 / article (1000+ words)

Texas Highways is more than a travel magazine, it's a narrative of what makes Texas a realm of endless discoveries. Your stories will be the compass that guides readers through the heart of Texas, unveiling the tales of individual travelers, the hidden trails, and the spirit of exploration. This is your chance to be the voice of the Lone Star State, to narrate the tales that make Texas a world within a world.

Pay: $325 / article (1000+ words)

Lonely Planet is not just a magazine, it's a legacy. Whether you're a guidebook guru or a narrative nomad, this is your platform to narrate the tales of destinations unknown, to inspire the wanderlust in readers, and to make a mark in the world of travel. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single word, and your words could be the spark that lights the way.

[Update 2023: The gates of Lonely Planet may be closed for pitches, but the legend lives on.]

The Gothamist

Pay: $50 – $150 / article

The Gothamist is the essence of New York, a narrative of the city that never sleeps. It's about stories that are as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. Whether it's the heartbeats of the city or the tales of the unsung heroes, your words will be the pulse of New York. This is your chance to narrate the stories that make New York the legend it is.

[Update 2023: The Gothamist has closed its doors for contributions, but the spirit of New York lives on.]

Midwest Traveler Pay: $400 / article (1,200 words)

Midwest Traveler isn't just a magazine, it's your gateway to mastering the heartland. It's about carving paths through the Midwest, unveiling the essence of travel, and mastering the art of auto safety. Your words won't just narrate journeys; they'll be the guide for readers to leverage their AAA membership to its fullest. With each issue, you have the chance to dominate the narrative, with 5 to 6 freelance travel articles waiting to bear your signature.

[Update 2023: The journey with Midwest Traveler has reached its horizon, but the legacy of conquering the heartland endures.]


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