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23 Pros and Cons of Living in Vietnam in 2024


Gentlemen, the world is your oyster, and the pearl within? It's the enthralling, vibrant, and endlessly captivating Vietnam.

A land where the ancient and the modern collide in a symphony of experiences, waiting to be discovered, explored, and conquered by intrepid souls like you.

Vietnam, a country that doesn’t just satiate your wanderlust but ignites it further, compelling you to delve deeper into its mysteries, its people, and its culture.

It's not merely a destination; it's a chapter in your tale of adventure, a story that will be etched into your legacy.

Imagine standing atop the rugged mountains, gazing down at the serpentine rivers winding through the lush landscapes, or feeling the adrenaline rush as you navigate through the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City on a scooter, with the wind against your face, and a heart full of daring ventures.

This is Vietnam – a canvas where every stroke painted by your experiences crafts a masterpiece of memories.

But, astute gentlemen, every adventure, especially one as bold and daring as living in a new country, demands meticulous planning, a thorough understanding of the terrain, and an unbridled spirit to embrace both the triumphs and challenges that come your way.

In this guide, we shall embark on a journey, exploring the multifaceted aspects of living in Vietnam, dissecting every pro and con, and arming you with a quiver full of insights, data, and firsthand experiences.

From the bustling streets laden with the aromatic allure of street food to the tranquil vistas of the countryside, from the friendly smiles of the locals to the hurdles of navigating through a new culture and language - we shall leave no stone unturned.

Your journey in Vietnam will be a tale of contrasts, a saga where challenges and opportunities coalesce to form a narrative that is uniquely yours.

It's a place where every day is a new chapter, filled with unexpected twists and turns, and every challenge is an opportunity to grow, to learn, and to forge your path.

So, brace yourself, for you are not merely moving to Vietnam. You are about to become a part of a narrative that is as enchanting as the emerald waters of Ha Long Bay and as pulsating as the nightlife in Hanoi.

In the next section, we will delve deeper, exploring the pros and cons, the enchanting allure and the potential pitfalls, ensuring that when you step onto the soil of Vietnam, you are not a mere visitor, but a savvy, well-informed traveler ready to carve out his destiny in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Pros of Living in Vietnam

1. Stunning Landscapes: A Panorama of Possibilities Awaits

Gentlemen, envision a realm where the landscapes themselves narrate tales of timeless adventures and unbridled beauty. Welcome to Vietnam, where every horizon is a new opportunity, every vista a canvas of potential, and every natural wonder a stage for your next exploit.


The landscapes of Vietnam are not merely sights to behold; they are arenas where your adventurous spirit will find its true calling. From the ethereal beauty of Ha Long Bay, with its towering limestone pillars and lush greenery, to the quaint, timeless allure of traditional fishing villages, every nook of this country is a testament to the planet’s spectacular beauty.

Imagine yourself, navigating through the tranquil waters, exploring hidden caves, and conquering mountain peaks. Picture yourself, cycling through the serene countryside, where every pedal brings forth a new, untouched Vietnamese spectacle to explore and immerse yourself in.

In the north, the terraced fields of Sapa invite you to traverse through the undulating landscapes, where every step is a communion with the earth and every view, a mesmerizing spectacle of greenery and tranquility. Move towards the south, and the beaches beckon, with their golden sands and azure waters, offering a tranquil escape and a plethora of aquatic adventures.

But, astute adventurers, the landscapes are not merely to be observed. They are to be experienced, to be lived, and to be conquered. Whether you’re scaling the heights, diving into the depths of the ocean, or simply basking in the untouched beauty of nature, Vietnam offers a myriad of experiences, each one a unique adventure waiting to be embarked upon.

In Vietnam, every sunrise brings forth a new adventure, every sunset a tale of the day’s exploits, and every landscape a challenge, an opportunity, and a canvas for you to script your own tale of adventure and exploration.

2. Low Cost of Living: Your Gateway to a Lifestyle Unimagined

In the heart of Southeast Asia, Vietnam emerges not merely as a destination of natural splendor but as a haven where your dreams are not bound by the constraints of economic hurdles. The low cost of living here is not just a statistic; it’s a key to a lifestyle that is unburdened by financial stress, and enriched with experiences and adventures.

Imagine indulging in a feast, where the flavors of the Vietnamese cuisine dance on your palate, and every meal is a journey through the rich, culinary heritage of the land. Picture yourself savoring a hearty meal and a drink, all under 3$ USD, where every bite is a melody of flavors, and every dish, a celebration of the Vietnamese culinary artistry.

Envision residing in the pulsating heart of Ho Chi Minh City, where a cozy, 1-bedroom apartment welcomes you, not just with its warmth, but with the promise of an affordable, comfortable living, starting at less than 350$ USD.

In Vietnam, your financial prudence is rewarded not with limitations, but with possibilities. The affordability extends beyond mere survival, paving the way for a lifestyle where you can indulge in the Vietnamese experiences, explore its landscapes, savor its flavors, and immerse yourself in its culture, all without burning a hole in your wallet.

In the subsequent sections, we shall continue to explore the myriad of pros that make Vietnam a land of endless possibilities and adventures. From opportunities to carve out a career in English teaching to immersing oneself in the vibrant nightlife, every facet of Vietnam is a chapter in your adventurous saga.

Stay with us, as we continue to navigate through the enchanting realms of Vietnam, ensuring that your journey is not just an adventure, but a well-informed, savvy exploration of a land that promises experiences beyond the ordinary.

3. English Teaching Opportunities: Forge Your Path in a Land Eager to Learn

The lands of Vietnam are not merely realms of physical exploration but are fertile grounds for imparting knowledge and shaping futures. The demand for English teachers in Vietnam is not just a call for educators; it’s a beckoning for leaders, for mentors who will shape the minds that will define the future of this vibrant country.

With merely a valid degree and a completed TEFL course, you unlock doors to opportunities where every classroom is an adventure, every student a new journey, and every lesson a step towards bridging cultures and forging connections. Your knowledge becomes a vessel that navigates through the eager minds of the Vietnamese youth, crafting a legacy that transcends beyond mere language education.

4. Friendly Locals: Engage with the Heartbeat of Vietnam

In your journey through Vietnam, you will encounter not just the physical landscapes but the rich, cultural tapestry woven by its people. The locals of Vietnam are not mere inhabitants; they are the custodians of its rich heritage, the ambassadors of its unwavering hospitality, and the companions in your Vietnamese adventure.

As you traverse through the cities and the countryside, every smile is an invitation to explore, every interaction a step towards understanding the soul of Vietnam. The locals are not just friendly faces; they are your guides in this journey, your window into the authentic Vietnamese experience, and your companions in this foreign land.

5. Affordable Scooter Rentals: Navigate Through Your Adventure on Wheels

Gentlemen, the roads of Vietnam are not mere pathways; they are the veins through which the lifeblood of adventure flows. With affordable scooter rentals at your disposal, every road becomes your personal trail, every destination a conquest, and every ride, a chapter in your Vietnamese saga.

Feel the wind against your skin as you navigate through the bustling streets, explore hidden trails, and embark on spontaneous adventures, all on your trusty scooter. In Vietnam, your wheels are not just a mode of transport; they are your companion in every adventure, ensuring that no destination is out of reach, and no journey too far.

6. Delicious and Affordable Street Food: A Culinary Adventure in Every Bite

Embark on a culinary journey where every street corner is a gateway to a world of flavors, every dish a masterpiece of culinary artistry, and every meal an adventure that tantalizes your palate and satiates your wanderlust.


From the rich, flavorful Pho to the crisp, delightful Vietnamese spring rolls, every dish is a narrative of Vietnam’s rich culinary heritage, waiting to be explored, savored, and celebrated. Your culinary adventures in Vietnam will be a saga of flavors, where every meal is an exploration and every dish, a destination.

7. Safety: Navigate with Confidence in a Land Where Security Reigns Supreme

As you carve your path through the vibrant landscapes of Vietnam, rest assured that your adventures are cradled in the arms of a nation where safety is paramount. Vietnam stands tall as a country where violent crimes are a rare spectacle, allowing you to explore, interact, and immerse with a spirit unbridled by the chains of concern.

However, astute adventurers are always vigilant. While violent crimes are scarce, petty thefts like pickpocketing and motorbike snatching do lurk in the bustling streets. Your journey in Vietnam is a bold adventure, and with prudence as your shield, every exploration is not just daring but also secure and assured.

8. Pleasant Climate: Embrace the Elements in a Country Blessed by Nature’s Bounty

In Vietnam, every sunbeam tells a tale of warmth, every raindrop a story of nourishment, and every breeze a whisper of the adventures that await. The climate here is not merely a meteorological phenomenon; it’s a dynamic element that shapes your experiences, adventures, and tales.

With a tropical climate in the majority of its enchanting realms and a temperate embrace in the north, Vietnam offers a meteorological canvas where your adventures find a vibrant backdrop, ensuring that every exploration is kissed by the benevolence of nature’s myriad moods.

9. Vibrant Nightlife: Dive into the Pulse of Vietnam’s Energetic Evenings

Gentlemen, as the sun dips below the horizon, Vietnam dons a cloak of vibrant hues, pulsating rhythms, and an energy that beckons every adventurer to immerse in its lively nocturnal tapestry. The nightlife here is not merely a time of day; it’s a spectacle, an adventure, and a realm where your spirit finds its rhythmic expression.

From the lively bars of Ho Chi Minh City, where every sip is a toast to adventures, to the serene evenings by the Hoi An riverside, where every reflection in the water is a mirror to the soul of Vietnam, the country offers a nightlife that is as diverse as it is enthralling.

10. Large Expat Community: Find Companionship in a Sea of Like-minded Adventurers

In the heart of Vietnam, amidst its cultural richness and natural splendor, you’ll find a community that speaks the universal language of adventure and exploration. With over 93,000 foreigners calling Vietnam their home, you’re not merely stepping into a new country but becoming a part of a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming community of expats.

Your tales of adventure will find listeners, your experiences reflections, and your journey companions in a community that, like you, has embraced Vietnam with open arms and a spirit that thirsts for adventure.

11. Plenty of Activities: Your Adventure Playground Unleashed

Vietnam unfolds before you as a boundless playground where every activity is a new adventure, every exploration a thrilling chapter, and every experience a step into the extraordinary. From the surging waves that beckon surfers, the lofty peaks that call out to trekkers, to the mystical underwater world that awaits scuba divers, Vietnam is not just a country; it’s an endless terrain of exhilarating activities.


Your days here will be painted with vibrant strokes of diverse experiences, where every sunrise heralds a new adventure and every sunset whispers tales of the day’s exploits. Whether you’re navigating through the lush trails, diving into the azure depths, or soaring through the vibrant skies, Vietnam offers a spectrum of activities that promise to set your pulse racing and script tales of undaunted adventures.

12. Regional Travel: Your Gateway to the Enchanting Tapestry of Southeast Asia

Gentlemen of wanderlust, Vietnam serves not merely as a destination but as a gateway, a launchpad to the rich, diverse, and enchanting realms of Southeast Asia. Your Vietnamese adventure is a key, unlocking doors to neighboring wonders like the pristine beaches of the Philippines, the mystical landscapes of Thailand, and the serene tranquility of Bali.

Imagine a life where every weekend is a new country, every getaway a new culture, and every break a new exploration. Vietnam, with its strategic location, unfolds before you a myriad of destinations, each a short flight away, ensuring that your adventurous spirit is always alight, always exploring, and perpetually discovering new horizons.

Cons of Living in Vietnam

1. The Language Barrier: An Opportunity to Conquer New Frontiers

Gentlemen of adventure, as you step into the vibrant realms of Vietnam, you will encounter a barrier, not of boundaries but of language. Vietnamese, with its intricate tones and unique script, stands before you, not as a hurdle but as an opportunity, a new peak to conquer in your Vietnamese saga.

Navigating through the linguistic landscapes of Vietnam will be a journey, where every word learned is a victory, every sentence understood a triumph, and every conversation a step towards becoming one with the vibrant culture and warm people of this land.

2. The Traffic: Navigate Through the Pulse of Vietnam’s Streets

The streets of Vietnam pulsate with an energy that is chaotic, vibrant, and teeming with life. The traffic here is not merely a flow of vehicles but a dynamic dance of scooters, cars, cycles, and pedestrians, each moving with a rhythm that is uniquely Vietnamese.


Navigating through the bustling streets will be an adventure, where every ride is a journey through the pulsating heart of the cities, every path a new exploration, and every destination a triumph over the dynamic tapestry of Vietnam’s traffic.

3. Pollution: A Challenge in the Heart of Urban Exploration

As you explore the vibrant cities of Vietnam, you will encounter a foe, unseen but palpable – pollution. The urban realms, while teeming with energy and adventures, also bear the weight of air and noise pollution, challenging you to find a balance between the dynamic urban explorations and the serene retreats into the country’s natural havens.

Your journey in Vietnam will be a saga where the urban and the natural coalesce, where the adventures in the bustling cities are complemented by escapes into the tranquil countryside, ensuring a tale that is as rejuvenating as it is exhilarating.

4. Visas Can Be Tricky: Navigating Through the Labyrinth of Bureaucracy

Navigators of foreign lands, your Vietnamese adventure will commence with a journey through the intricate labyrinths of visas and bureaucracy. The path may be tangled, the processes potentially perplexing, but every step is a stride towards embarking on your Vietnamese saga.

With prudence as your guide and patience as your companion, the bureaucratic journey will be a prelude to the adventures that await, ensuring that your tales in Vietnam are not just bold but also compliant with the tapestry of regulations and norms.

5. Cultural Differences: A Tapestry of New Norms and Traditions

As you immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of Vietnam, you’ll find yourself amidst a tapestry woven with threads of rich traditions, norms, and cultural nuances that may seem like a maze waiting to be deciphered. The cultural differences stand not as barriers but as gateways into understanding and immersing in the rich, diverse, and profound Vietnamese way of life.

Navigating through these cultural landscapes will be a journey where every tradition learned is a step towards becoming one with the land, every norm respected a nod to the rich heritage, and every cultural insight a deeper dive into the heart and soul of Vietnam.

6. Distance from Home: An Odyssey Away from Familiar Shores

As you carve your path in the enchanting realms of Vietnam, the miles between you and your homeland will stretch out, not as a chasm of separation but as a bridge connecting diverse worlds. The distance from home is not merely geographical; it’s a space where memories of familiar shores meet the excitement of new explorations.


Your journey in Vietnam will be an odyssey where the tales of home blend with the adventures in new territories, where connections are not bound by miles, and where every new experience is a beacon that lights up the path, no matter how far it stretches.

7. Local Cuisine: A Culinary Journey into Uncharted Territories

The Vietnamese culinary landscape is a realm where flavors dance with fervor, where every dish is a melody of tastes, and where every ingredient tells a tale of the land’s rich, culinary heritage. However, the local cuisine, with its exotic ingredients and unique preparations, may present a challenge, a new frontier to be explored and understood.

Your culinary adventures in Vietnam will be a journey where every new flavor is an exploration, every traditional dish a step into the heart of Vietnam, and every culinary challenge an opportunity to expand your gastronomic horizons.

8. Internet Restrictions: Navigating Through the Digital Landscape

As you step into Vietnam, you will encounter a digital landscape that is woven with restrictions, where certain realms of the global web stand beyond reach, and where navigation requires additional tools and pathways. The internet restrictions in Vietnam are not barriers; they are puzzles waiting to be solved, challenges waiting to be overcome.

Your digital journey in Vietnam will be an adventure where every restriction is a challenge to be decoded, every blocked website a treasure to be unlocked, and every digital hurdle a step towards becoming a savvy, adept navigator of the Vietnamese digital world.

9. Limited Healthcare Facilities: Navigating Through the Healthscape with Vigilance

As you weave through the vibrant tales of Vietnam, the realm of healthcare stands as a territory that demands your astute vigilance and prudent navigation. The healthcare facilities, while burgeoning in cities, may present a landscape that is not as robust and comprehensive as the western terrains you might be accustomed to.

Your journey through Vietnam’s healthscape will be a chapter where every decision is marked by informed choices, every step taken with cautious awareness, and every healthcare challenge met with preparedness and foresight.

10. Noise Levels: The Symphony of Urban Vibrancy

The streets of Vietnam play a symphony that is vibrant, lively, and pulsating with the dynamic rhythms of urban life. The noise levels, especially in the bustling cities, are not mere decibels; they are the resonating beats of a country that is perpetually alive and perpetually in motion.

Your adventures through the lively streets will be a melody where every horn is a note of hustle, every shout a chord of vibrant life, and every bustling street a rhythm of an unyielding, energetic Vietnam.

11. Petty Crime: A Cautionary Tale in the Midst of Exploration

As you traverse through the enchanting chapters of Vietnam, petty crime stands as a cautionary tale, whispering words of prudence and vigilance amidst the adventures and explorations. The tales of pickpocketing and scams are not barriers; they are reminders that every adventure requires caution, every exploration vigilance, and every journey, a mindful awareness.


Your saga in Vietnam will be a narrative where every step is taken with mindful prudence, every interaction marked with cautious awareness, and every adventure embarked upon with an eye that is watchful and alert.

Conclusion: The Unveiling of Your Vietnamese Odyssey

As we draw the curtains on this exploratory saga through the vibrant, multifaceted, and enchanting realms of Vietnam, your path ahead is aglow with the embers of adventure, the sparks of exploration, and the fiery spirit of unbridled wanderlust.

Vietnam, with its lush landscapes, pulsating cities, and a tapestry rich with cultural, culinary, and adventurous threads, stands before you, not merely as a destination but as a canvas, waiting to be painted with your tales of adventure, exploration, and triumphant sagas.

Your journey through Vietnam will be a narrative where every pro is a chapter of exhilaration, every con a tale of prudence, and every step a stride into a realm that promises adventures untold and experiences that will be etched into the annals of your memories.

Q&A: Navigating Your Vietnamese Adventure

Q1. What makes Vietnam a top destination for adventurous men?

A1. Vietnam emerges as a pinnacle of adventure with its diverse landscapes, offering a spectrum from bustling cities like Ho Chi Minh to serene landscapes like Ha Long Bay. For the audacious spirit of men, it presents a canvas where every stroke is a new adventure, be it exploring the mystical caves, surfing on the robust waves, or navigating through the vibrant local markets. The blend of cultural richness, culinary diversity, and a plethora of activities makes it a haven for men seeking unbridled exploration.

Q2. How does the safety aspect in Vietnam cater to bold explorers?

A2. Vietnam is renowned for its low violent crime rates, offering a secure environment for explorers to delve into their adventures without significant apprehension. However, like any vibrant tourist hotspot, it demands vigilance against petty crimes like pickpocketing. The safety in Vietnam allows men to explore with confidence, ensuring that their adventures are not hindered by concerns of security, yet always encouraging a wise and watchful eye.

Q3. How does the culinary journey in Vietnam unfold for explorers from the west?

A3. The Vietnamese culinary journey is a vibrant exploration into a world where flavors dance with tradition and ingredients tell tales of the land’s rich heritage. For western explorers, it’s a delightful venture into uncharted territories of taste, exploring exotic dishes like Pho, Banh Mi, and Bun Cha, and perhaps, discovering new favorites amidst the rich and diverse culinary tapestry of Vietnam.

Q4. What challenges might one face regarding healthcare while living in Vietnam?

A4. While Vietnam offers burgeoning healthcare facilities in its cities, explorers might find it not as comprehensive and robust as western standards in certain aspects. The potential challenge lies in navigating through healthcare facilities that might not always offer the wide spectrum of services available back home, thereby making it imperative for adventurers to secure a robust health insurance and take preventive health measures.

Q5. How does the expat community enhance the living experience in Vietnam?

A5. The expat community in Vietnam is a vibrant mosaic of individuals who, like you, have embarked on an adventure in this enchanting land. With over 93,000 expats, it’s a community where experiences are shared, adventures are embarked upon together, and where the spirit of exploration is collectively celebrated, ensuring that your Vietnamese chapter is enriched with companionship and shared tales of adventures.

Q6. How to navigate through the internet restrictions prevalent in Vietnam?

A6. Navigating through the internet restrictions in Vietnam involves a savvy understanding of digital tools like VPNs, which allow access to restricted digital realms. The digital journey in Vietnam is an adventure where every restricted website becomes a treasure chest waiting to be unlocked, ensuring that your digital connectivity remains unbridled and your communications seamless.

Q7. How can one immerse and navigate through the cultural differences encountered in Vietnam?

A7. Immersing in and navigating through the cultural differences in Vietnam involves embracing the traditions, respecting the norms, and celebrating the rich heritage that defines this land. It’s a journey where every tradition becomes a festival of understanding, every norm a pathway into the heart of the Vietnamese people, and every cultural interaction a step towards becoming a part of the vibrant tapestry that is Vietnam.


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