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12 Best Cities for Passport Bros in Mexico (2024)

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Listen up, bros. I've conquered half of Mexico's territories, set up shop in three, and scoped out every hotspot on this list. And guess what? I'm just getting started.

Sure, Mexico might not always serve you up that sweet fiber optic speed, but who needs it when you've got hustle?

Every city I'm about to drop has a thriving digital nomad & passport bros tribe, making Mexico the ultimate arena for online hustlers like us.

Ready to level up in the best digital nomad havens Mexico has to offer? Dive into this guide and find your next battleground. Let's dominate!

Mexico City: The Ultimate Arena for Passport Bros

If you're looking to dominate the digital nomad game, Mexico City is where you set up your throne.

mexico city center

Why Mexico City is the Mecca for Passport Bros

This isn't just any city; it's an international powerhouse pulling in hustlers and high-flyers from every corner of the globe.

Dive into the co-working spaces, and you'll be rubbing shoulders with the best in the biz.

With its vast expanse,

Mexico City offers an endless buffet of experiences. From mouth-watering eats to iconic ruins and day trips, this place is a goldmine.

Roma: The Digital Nomad's Paradise

Nestled in the heart of Mexico City, the Roma neighbourhood is where the action's at. It's the digital nomad hotspot you've been searching for.

Coworking in Mexico City: From Mega to Boutique

Whether you're looking for towering We Work fortresses or cozy nooks like HomeWork and Coffice, this city's got you. Budget around $200 USD for a hot desk and $350 for your private command center.

Securing Your Base in Mexico City

For those looking to blend in with the elite, neighborhoods like Roma, La Condesa, Reforma, and Polanco are your ticket. These English-friendly zones are buzzing with life, from lush parks to electric nightlife.

  • Pro tip: Kick off your conquest with a month-long Airbnb stint. Snag those sweet 20-50% discounts and scout the terrain before you commit. Or, check out for some killer deals.

Living Like a King on a Budget

A swanky one-bedroom Airbnb in the city's prime spots? That's $1,000 USD. But here's the kicker: with its walkable streets and year-round pleasant weather, you can slash your transport costs to a mere $50 USD monthly.

And if you're smart about your food game, mixing street tacos with mercado shopping, you're looking at just $400 USD monthly.

The Real Deal: Pros and Cons

Mexico City is a passport bros' dream, no doubt. History, cuisine, nightlife - it's all here. But every kingdom has its challenges.

Be wary of the air quality, keep an eye out for the higher crime rates, and remember, with nine million souls, it's a bustling metropolis.

So, are you ready to conquer Mexico City? Let's dominate!

Playa del Carmen: The Passport Bro's Beachfront Kingdom

ALet's talk about the crown jewel of Mexico's digital nomad scene: Playa del Carmen. From a humble fishing village to the ultimate hotspot for hustlers, this place is where you want to be.

playa del carmen

Why Playa del Carmen is the Digital Nomad Capital

While some Mexican beach towns might leave you hanging with weak internet, Playa del Carmen delivers. It's not just about the blazing-fast connectivity; it's the co-working spaces, the massive tribe of digital nomads, the adrenaline-pumping activities, and those killer beaches.

Coworking in Playa: From Beach to Business

Top-tier co-working spaces? Playa's got 'em. Dive into The Nest or bunker down at Bunker. Or, if you're feeling the vibe, check out Selina - it's not just a workspace; it's a lifestyle, with locations across Mexico and beyond.

Securing Your Base in Playa del Carmen

If you're in Playa to work and play, you'll want to be where the action is: close to the beach, the eateries, and the co-working hubs. The neighborhoods calling your name? Gonzalo Guerro, Zazil-Ha, Tohoku, and south Luis Donaldo Colosio.

Start your hunt on Airbnb and snatch those sweet monthly deals. But watch out for those sneaky electricity charges. And if you're looking to network, dive into Facebook groups like Expats in Playa del Carmen. Or, go old school: hit the streets, spot those "Se Renata" signs, and dial up those deals.

Living the Playa Lifestyle: Costs and Tips

Depending on how you roll, you're looking at $1,000-2,000 USD monthly. Want a pad near the beach? Budget around $800-900 USD. But if you're after luxury with all the trimmings, bump that up to $1,200+.

And for food and transport? Keep it under $500, especially if you're smart about avoiding the tourist traps. Playa's all about walking, but when the heat's on, those $2-5 taxis will be your best friend. And remember, no Uber here.

The Real Deal: Playa's Pros and Cons

Living on the beach? Epic win. But if tropical vibes aren't your thing, think twice. Playa's hot, rainy in the summer, and hurricanes can roll in.

But winter? Pure bliss. And let's not forget the Mayan ruins, the cenotes, the nightlife, and that buzzing digital nomad scene.

So, are you ready to conquer Playa del Carmen? Dive in and dominate!

Oaxaca City: The Digital Nomad's Hidden Gem

If you're looking to dive deep into Mexico's heart and soul while crushing your online game, Oaxaca City is where you set your sights.

oaxaca, mexico

Why Oaxaca is the Digital Nomad's Cultural Mecca

Oaxaca (say it with me: wa-ha-ka) isn't just another city; it's a cultural powerhouse. From artists to chefs, this place has been a magnet for the best. And now? Digital nomads are flocking here, drawn to a life that's both laid-back and bursting with culture.

Coworking in Oaxaca: Where Tradition Meets Tech

Let's keep it real: if you're pushing massive video files or need that crystal-clear Zoom connection, Oaxaca's WiFi might test your patience. But for the everyday grind, places like Pan:Am and Convivio Coworking have got your back.

Locking Down Your Base in Oaxaca

The hotspots for the digital elite? Jatalaco and Xochimilco. Just a stone's throw from the historic heart, these neighborhoods are buzzing.

Dive into the Oaxaca Housing Rent/Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook group or kick things off at Selina Hostel in Centro Historico. It's not just a place to crash; it's a digital nomad hub.

Living the Oaxaca Dream: Costs and Tips

Oaxaca used to be a steal, but with the influx of nomads flashing dollars and euros, prices are on the rise. Still, you can snag a sweet pad in Centro or Jalatlaco for $650-800 USD monthly.

And with its desert vibes, walking is the way to go. Toss in some local mercado feasts, and you're looking at a monthly budget of around $450 USD.

The Real Deal: Oaxaca's Pros and Cons

Oaxaca's got it all: culture, festivals, mouth-watering cuisine, and nature that'll blow your mind. But remember, it's a bit off-grid.

While there's an airport, you're often hopping through Mexico City. And while its charm is undeniable, it might lack some of the luxuries of the big cities.

Ready to conquer Oaxaca City? Dive in and dominate!

Tulum: The Passport Bros' Beachfront Playground

Let's talk Tulum. Mayan ruins, pristine beaches, and a crowd that knows how to party. Tulum isn't just a city; it's the ultimate passport bros arena.

Tulum Statue wood

Why Tulum is the Digital Nomad's Paradise

Two types of digital nomads thrive here: the spiritual seekers and the party animals. With its epic beaches and a booming digital nomad tribe, Tulum's the place where you'll network faster than you can down a tequila shot.

Coworking in Tulum: From Zero to Hero

Tulum's WiFi game used to be weak, but times are changing. Newer pads are flaunting fiber speeds, and with the digital nomad influx, co-working spaces like Digital Jungle and CoWorking Tulum are popping up.

Locking Down Your Base in Tulum

Tulum's tight-knit, so once you're in, networking's a breeze. Kick things off with an Airbnb in Downtown, mingle, and see where the tide takes you. Dive into the Rentals in Tulum Facebook group or scout out for some killer deals.

Living the Tulum Lifestyle: Costs and Tips

Want a swanky pad in Tulum Town? Budget around $800-900 USD monthly. But watch out for those sneaky electricity charges; the tropical heat's no joke. And food? With Tulum's organic obsession, set aside about $500 USD monthly. Pro tip: Grab a bike. It's the eco-friendly way to roll.

The Real Deal: Tulum's Pros and Cons

Tulum's all about the good vibes and wild nights, but it's a young scene. If you're past the big 3-0 and not into the party life, it might not be your jam.

And heads up: there's been a rise in cartel activity. But on the flip side, if diving's your thing, Tulum's got some of the best spots in Mexico, from the Caribbean Sea to the cenote caves.

Ready to conquer Tulum? Dive in and dominate!

San Miguel de Allende: The Passport Bro's Classy Retreat:

If you're after a spot that's the polar opposite of Tulum's wild vibes, set your sights on San Miguel de Allende. This UNESCO gem is all about sophistication, arts, and culture. Ready to level up your digital nomad game?

sam miguel allende

Why San Miguel de Allende is the Passport Bro's Elite Choice

Stunning architecture, colonial elegance, and weather that's on point - San Miguel is where the elite choose to hang their hats. Sure, it might be pricier than other spots, but trust me, it's worth every penny.

Coworking in San Miguel: Quality Over Quantity

This town's got a mature crowd, so co-working spaces aren't on every corner. Your move? Secure an apartment with killer WiFi. If you need a backup, Smartspace Hub and San Marcos Coworking have got you covered.

Locking Down Your Base in San Miguel

Want to be in the heart of the action in Downtown San Miguel? Start with an Airbnb, get to know the locals, and let the networking begin. And with English being widely spoken, spotting those "Se Renta" signs and sealing the deal is a breeze.

Living the San Miguel Lifestyle: Costs and Tips

Aiming for a prime spot in Downtown? Budget between $1,200-2,000 USD monthly. But if you're cool with a short drive to the center, you can slash those costs in half.

And dining? San Miguel's got a high-end scene, so if you're watching the wallet, hit the local markets and whip up some meals at home. Budget around $400 USD monthly for grub.

The Real Deal: San Miguel's Pros and Cons

San Miguel's tight-knit. Everyone knows everyone, which can be a charm or a challenge, depending on your vibe. It's a mature scene, with many retirees living the dream.

It's polished, a tad Americanized, and yes, on the pricier side. But if you're after class and culture, San Miguel de Allende is where you level up.

Ready to dominate in San Miguel? Dive in and make your mark!

Puerto Vallarta: The Passport Bro's Pacific Powerhouse

Let's dive into Puerto Vallarta. Tourists, expats, retirees, and now the digital nomad elite - everyone's flocking here. Why? Let's break it down.

puerto vallarta

Why Puerto Vallarta Dominates the Digital Nomad Scene

Puerto Vallarta isn't just another beach town. It's got that touristy flair, but it's dripping with authentic Mexican culture.

Think of it as a city with all the perks: international airport, top-tier hospitals, shopping malls, and rock-solid infrastructure.

You get the best of Mexico without breaking the bank. Beaches, mountains, food, culture, sports - this place has it all.

Locking Down Your Base in Puerto Vallarta

You've heard the drill: start with Airbnb. But here's a pro tip: scout the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood. It's local, it's buzzing, and it's got the deals.

Want to be in the heart of the action? The Romantic Zone's where the party's at, and Centro's got your shopping fix.

Living the Puerto Vallarta Lifestyle: Costs and Tips

Beachfront living without the hefty price tag? You got it. Snag a swanky one-bedroom Airbnb by the beach in spots like Viejo Vallarta or Zona Romantica for just $700-800 USD monthly.

Given the city's layout and tropical heat, you'll be Ubering a lot. Budget around $100 USD monthly for rides. And food? Stick to local joints and mercados, and you're looking at $450 USD monthly.

Coworking in Puerto Vallarta: Where the Magic Happens

Downtown's where it's at with Vallarta CoWork leading the charge. If you're leaning towards the suburbs, Natureza Cowork's got your back.

The Real Deal: Puerto Vallarta's Pros and Cons

The pros? Stellar beaches, majestic mountains, top-notch food, safety, old-world charm, and a kickass airport. The cons? Well, summer's a scorcher, and prices are on the rise. But hey, you can't have it all, right?

Ready to conquer Puerto Vallarta? Dive in and dominate!

Merida: The Passport Bro's Fortress in Mexico

If you're looking for a city that's got the safety, the culture, and the vibe, Merida's where you need to be. I've set up shop here, and I'm telling you, it's the real deal.

merida, yucatan

Why Every Digital Nomad Should Consider Merida

Merida isn't just another city; it's the Culture Capital of Yucatan. It's for the thinkers, the creators, and those who want more than just a party scene.

You're looking at an older, wiser crowd here, mostly in their 30s and 40s. Dive deep into the Mexican culture, and trust me, you won't run out of things to do.

Merida's Coworking Game: Strong and Stylish

The crown jewel? Conexion 60, right on Paseo de Montejo, the city's most picturesque street. If that's not your jam, Hex CoWork and Clustar have got you covered up north. And for the cafe lovers, Marago Café's doors are wide open.

Locking Down Your Base in Merida

Kick things off with an Airbnb for a month. Focus on Paseo de Montejo, Centro Historico, and Itzimna. And if you're all about that social networking, hit up Facebook Marketplace and groups like Merida Casitas for Rent.

Living the Merida Lifestyle: Costs and Tips

Merida's got the charm without the hefty price tag. Snag a stylish one-bedroom Airbnb in prime locations, complete with a splash pool, for just $850 USD monthly.

And when the heat gets too much, Uber's your best friend. Short rides across the city will only set you back about $3-5 USD.

Merida's Pros and Cons: The Real Talk

Want authentic Mexican life with all the city perks? Merida's your spot. We're talking international airport, top-tier hospitals, shopping malls, and even vegan joints.

But here's the catch: the weather. It's tropical, it's humid, and without those beach breezes (the nearest beach is 35 minutes away), it can get sweltering. If you can't handle the heat, maybe Merida's not for you.

But if you can, welcome to the fortress.

Hidden Gems in Mexico: 5 Cities Every Passport Bro Needs to Know

Everyone's raving about the typical digital nomad hotspots in Mexico. But if you're like me and want to be ahead of the curve, you need to check out these lesser-known cities.

They're the real deal, and they're about to blow up.

  1. Guadalajara: The Tequila Titan Forget what you've heard. Guadalajara isn't just about tequila and mariachi. It's the capital of Jalisco, and it's buzzing with energy. Think top-notch amenities, killer cuisine, and a city vibe that's hard to beat. And when you need a break?

  2. Zihuatanejo: Beachside Bliss This Pacific gem might be a retiree favorite, but digital nomads are catching on. Beaches, accommodations, and a killer scene – it's all here.

  3. Querétaro: The Underdog Uprising Overlooked? Maybe. Underrated? Absolutely. Querétaro's got that UNESCO charm, big-city perks, and a local vibe that's pure gold.

  4. Guanajuato: The Colorful Contender While everyone's flocking to San Miguel de Allende, the savvy ones are hitting up Guanajuato. Authenticity, culture, festivals – it's the full package.

  5. Puebla: The All-Rounder Minus the Sand Puebla's got everything but the beach. We're talking architecture, vibes, food, and affordability. And with Mexico City's airport just a drive away, you're connected to the world. Dive in with our guide:

So, there you have it. The next wave of digital nomad cities in Mexico. Get in before everyone else does.


As we wrap up our exploration of the 12 best cities for passport bros in Mexico for 2024, it's evident that Mexico continues to be a goldmine for global wanderers.

From the bustling urban hubs to serene beach towns, each city offers a unique blend of culture, adventure, and opportunities for those looking to expand their horizons.

Whether you're seeking the vibrant nightlife of Guadalajara, the cultural immersion of Guanajuato, or the digital nomad-friendly vibes of Tulum, there's a spot in Mexico waiting for you.

So, to all the passport bros out there, pack your bags and get ready to dive into the rich tapestry of experiences that Mexico has to offer.

Here's to new adventures, unforgettable memories, and the endless pursuit of the next best city! Safe travels!

Nomadic Kingdom Awaits You!

Connect with us and spread the word to the Passport Bros community. 🌍 #JoinTheJourney 🌍

Q&A: Best Cities for Passport Bros in Mexico 2024

Q: Which city in Mexico is considered the top destination for digital nomads in 2024?

A: Tulum has emerged as one of the top cities for digital nomads in Mexico in 2024, thanks to its vibrant community, co-working spaces, and stunning beaches.

Q: Are there any lesser-known cities in Mexico that are great for remote workers?

A: Absolutely! Cities like Zihuatanejo, Querétaro, and Guanajuato are gaining popularity among digital nomads for their authenticity, culture, and local vibes.

Q: How does the cost of living in Merida compare to other Mexican cities for digital nomads?

A: Merida offers a blend of affordability and urban amenities. While it's relatively inexpensive compared to other big cities in Mexico, it provides a rich cultural experience and access to modern conveniences.

Q: Which Mexican city offers the best mix of culture, adventure, and work opportunities for passport bros?

A: Guanajuato stands out as a city that offers a unique blend of culture, festivals, arts, and scenic beauty, making it an off-track but excellent choice for passport bros.

Q: Is Puerto Vallarta suitable for those seeking both beach life and city amenities?

A: Definitely! Puerto Vallarta provides the best of both worlds with its stunning beaches, Old World charm, and modern city amenities like shopping malls and an international airport.

Q: How can I find apartments or co-working spaces in these top Mexican cities for digital nomads?

A: Many cities have active Facebook groups and marketplaces where you can find housing and co-working space recommendations. Airbnb and are also reliable platforms to start your search.

Remember, when considering a move to any of these cities, always do thorough research, connect with local communities, and perhaps even plan a short visit to get a feel of the place before making a long-term commitment. Mexico awaits with open arms!


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